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Here's how we get started:

1. Click here to complete the contact form. 

2. If you are seeking couples therapy, complete couples referral form below and upload the completed form to contact form.

3. Schedule a 5-10 minute free phone consultation


What are you struggling with?

* Do you feel worthless and struggle with negative thoughts that cause anxiety? I can teach you how to build self-worth and reduce stress.

* Perhaps you grew up in a chaotic home and had overly critical parents or family members. I can help you get back to a normal life and find relief from trauma that may be holding you back.

* If you feel uncomfortable in your own body and are confused about who you are, I can help you feel accepted and help you resolve your confusion.


Psychologist Session

I strive to provide the best care by honing in on client needs, providing support, and educating you (and your partner/family) on effective tools to overcome barriers, build healthy boundaries in relationships and promote self-care and self-esteem.

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