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Does your relationship lack intimacy and do you have difficulty communicating with one another? Do you feel misunderstood? I can help you build a loving relationship and teach you effective communication skills where you both feel heard and supported.

In our therapy sessions, couples will learn communication, problem-solving, and time management techniques for strengthening their relationship. From our initial assessment to our final session, we will work to guide you in retaining strengths and improving your growth areas. Though I am a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, I subscribe to the Gottman Couples Therapy principles and utilize my training in both couples therapy models to assist couples with finding resolution to issues. Couples therapy can be done with or without the assessment; however, I strongly recommend completing the assessment for engagement /pre-marital counseling.

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Life Coaching

Perhaps there are life stressors and life events that do not quite fit into psychotherapy and you need support in identifying your next steps.

Life coaching is great as it provides you with encouragement, empowerment and helps with kick-starting you achieving your life's goals.


If you’re looking for quality youth training and life sessions with a licensed expert that cares - then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

At LP Counseling & Therapy Services, I guide my teen patients by utilizing age-appropriate modules to increase motivation in life, identify goals and help with creating balance. Schedule an appointment today and see what I can do for your teen.


Therapy Services

Come share your frustrations, successes, failures, and opinions in a safe confidential setting. This form of therapy is for individuals who may be experiencing stress, adjustment issues to changes in their lives, or relationship issues. I serve various populations. See specialties for areas where I can provide specialized treatment.

Teens experience various adjustment issues both physically with their bodies and socially. It can be difficult to find your place in a middle school/ high school world. From bullying and/or anxiety to struggling with self-esteem and confidence, growing up is tough to do. I am experienced working with teens and eager to provide support. Sometimes teens just want to be understood.

Couples Group Therapy


(Mondays - starts Jan 23  |  1:00 PM EST (1HR)

This 6-session group utilizes CBT, mindfulness, and narrative techniques to provide support to all attendees. This group is not meant to fix your anxiety completely. We want to allow you to try out some of these techniques and better understand your anxiety. Group rules are reviewed at the start of sessions to ensure that the session is a respectful space. Register below to attend sessions and get session details.

Assessments & Diagnostics

Additional Information

Session Information

Therapy sessions are scheduled in 55-minute increments with each client once per week or as otherwise specified during the treatment plan session.  Initial Assessments and consequent sessions are scheduled in 60-minute increments. If you arrive late for an appointment, we may meet for the remaining time of our scheduled 55-minute session. To cancel a scheduled therapy session, please do so 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the missed session. Failure to cancel 24 hours in advance will result in being billed for the full fee for that session unless we both agree that your absence was due to circumstances beyond your control. Keep in mind that insurance companies will not reimburse for canceled or missed appointments so you will be fully responsible for the charges of missed sessions.

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Individual Assessments:

  • Performance Assessments

  • Depression/ Anxiety Assessments

  • Bariatric Assessments

  • Psychiatric Assessments for court, for LGBTQi treatment or other medical procedures not listed.  (Inquire for more information)

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  • Performance Assessments

  • For organizations or businesses requiring team building and increased performance training on-site, please complete contact page for packages and other information.

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