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Cute Couple

Does your relationship lack intimacy and do you have difficulty communicating with one another? Do you feel misunderstood? I can help you build a loving relationship and teach you effective communication skills where you both feel heard and supported.

Get your invitation to complete your couple's assessment today!

In our therapy sessions, couples will learn communication, problem-solving, and time management techniques for strengthening their relationship. From our initial assessment to our final session we will work to guide clients in retaining their strengths and improving in their growth areas. Though I am a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, I subscribe to Prepare/Enrich couples support and the Gottman Couples Therapy principles and utilize my training in Gottman Couples Therapy to assist couples with finding a resolution to issues. Couples therapy can be done with or without the assessment; however, I strongly recommend completing the assessment for engagement /pre-marital counseling.

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