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LP Counseling & Therapy Services

How it began.


As a student in undergraduate school, I worked as a school counselor. I found gratification in easing people's minds about their future and securing healthy and long-lasting relationships. From there, I worked in case management in Washington, D.C., treating trauma and severe mental illness. This work was busy but invigorated me to treat trauma in individuals in my niche practice. My specialties include trauma, anxiety, depression, and couples counseling.


As a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, I help couples improve intimacy, build trust and communication skills, and assist with the next step in their relationship (even post-infidelity). Utilizing the assessments helps identify a couple's strengths and growth areas to achieve a healthy and long-lasting relationship built on a solid foundation. 

We aim to produce healthy individuals and families who experience a great sense of self-worth, community, and hope as we expand our services.


Let's find stability through inner work today.


Meet Our Clinicians

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